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   BJ and Guys Kennel                                                                                                                              

Our puppies come from Sharon Munk's  "BJ and Guys" kennel.  Her family-owned kennel is located in Menlo Kansas.   Sharon started out in 1976 as a hobby breeder of Norwegian Elkhounds.  Once she perfected her breeding skills, she branched out with more of breeds she enjoyed. She became a professional breeder in 1978.


Sharon served on a special Governor-appointed Kansas Pet Animal Advisory Board.  This board was instrumental in keeping Kansas the healthiest state from which to purchase pets.


Sharon's kennel is licensed and inspected by the state of Kansas, the USDA and the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Sharon's kennel has never failed a USDA or AKC inspection.


Her Sire dogs are all DNA-tested. These DNA profiles are used for genetic identity and parentage verification.


Many of Sharon's larger breeds are OFA hip certified.  OFA or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Inc. has a staff of experts who evaluate radiographs of dogs and give certifications on hip joint confirmation.  Dogs rated as "passed" by OFA have a good chance to not pass along genetic hip problems to off-spring.


Each puppy we receive comes with a pedigree or family history.  Usually, photos of each parent are included with this pedigree. You get this pedigree when you take the puppy home.